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Condition Monitoring Engineer Course

The course covers the elements required to set up a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program in a company.

November 25, 2023
₹ 7499
The course covers the elements required to set up a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program in a company. This course is a combination of reliability improvement (precision maintenance) practices, condition monitoring, and root cause failure analysis and provides the best approaches to minimize maintenance costs and improve machinery reliability.

This course also covers analyzing condition monitoring results and developing recommendations based on the analysis.

Course Type: Paid
Mode of Delivery: Online
Undertake condition monitoring
  • Principles and methods of equipment condition monitoring are understood and applied
  • Appropriate condition monitoring technique is selected to achieve required outcomes
  • Checks are undertaken correctly, safely and to standard operating procedures
  • Results are plotted and deviations from specification are reported to appropriate authority and recorded
Analyse condition monitoring results
  • Records/graphs/results of condition monitoring are examined and analyzed and problem areas are identified
  • Necessary calculations/computations are undertaken
  • Appropriate reports/determinations of analyses are undertaken to prescribed site
Develop recommendations
  • Recommendations are developed based on previous history, results, specifications and legislative requirements
  • Recommendations are reported to appropriate authority

Kotya Naik

Mr. Kotya Naik [VA CAT III, ARP] has over 20 years of field experience in Condition Monitoring and Reliability. He is a pioneer in teaching courses and mentoring students, helping people with the right tools & knowledge, and providing insightful Maintenance and Reliability solutions to achieve operational excellence. He has worked with SPM Instrument India, SKF India Ltd and Mobius Institute, delivered numerous training programs in India and abroad.