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In-situ Dynamic Balancing Course

This training helps alignment technicians and maintenance supervisors balance equipment for reliability.

December 23, 2023
₹ 7499
This course provides detailed training on how to correctly identify and verify unbalance, how to choose the correct balancing technique, how to select correct trial weights, how to measure vibration, how to utilize balance standards, and ultimately how to achieve precision balance with rigid rotors. This training will prepare any alignment technician or maintenance supervisor with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve precision balance, which is so important to the reliability of the equipment.

Course Type: Paid
Mode of Delivery: Online
Check balance
  • Principles of equipment balance testing are understood
  • Most appropriate balancing check procedure is selected
  • Component is set up correctly and to site/manufacturer’s procedure for balance check
  • Balance/out of balance is determined and compared to specification requirements
  • Out of balance readings are recorded to prescribed procedures
Balance equipment
  • Principles and methods of rigid and/or flexible rotation balancing are understood
  • Techniques of single and/or multi-plane balancing are used appropriate to application
  • Equipment is balanced utilising correct procedures
  • Practical methods with basic instruments
  • Examples of advanced techniques used by analysts
  • Proactive and precision tolerances
  • The effects of assembly on rotor balance

Kotya Naik

Mr. Kotya Naik [VA CAT III, ARP] has over 20 years of field experience in Condition Monitoring and Reliability. He is a pioneer in teaching courses and mentoring students, helping people with the right tools & knowledge, and providing insightful Maintenance and Reliability solutions to achieve operational excellence. He has worked with SPM Instrument India, SKF India Ltd and Mobius Institute, delivered numerous training programs in India and abroad.