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Vibration Analysis Beginner's Course

The Vibration Analyst Beginner's Course is for beginners in vibration monitoring and analysis.

February 03, 2024
₹ 7499
The Vibration Analyst course is intended for personnel who are new to vibration monitoring and analysis, and for personnel who have limited vibration analysis experience. The course focuses on periodic, single-channel data collection and analysis for condition-based maintenance programs. A foundation is established for a comprehensive understanding of spectrum and waveform relationships.

Course Type: Paid
Mode of Delivery: Online
Maintenance practices
  • Breakdown, preventive, predictive and RCM Condition monitoring
  • Review of condition monitoring technologies: Vibration, oil, wear particle, infrared, acoustic emission, electric motor testing
Principles of vibration
  • Motion, r.m.s./peak/peak-peak, frequency/period
  • Displacement, velocity and acceleration
  • Units and unit conversion
  • Waveform and spectrum (FFT)
  • Natural frequencies and generated frequencies
  • Basic forcing frequency calculations
Data acquisition
  • Transducers and transducer mounting
  • Measurement point naming conventions
  • Routes/surveys: Loading and unloading the route
  • Following a route
  • Repeatable data collection
  • Test procedures
  • Observations: best utilizing your time in the field
  • Recognizing bad data
Equipment knowledge
  • Rotating equipment types and applications
  • Rolling element bearings and journal bearings
  • Review of failure modes and appropriate use
  • Condition monitoring technologies
Basic vibration analysis
  • Overall level measurements
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Harmonics, sidebands and the analysis process
  • Alarm limits, trending and exception reports
Fault diagnosis
  • Imbalance, misalignment, looseness
  • eccentricity, resonance
  • Defects associated with bearings, gears, belts, electric motors

Kotya Naik

Mr. Kotya Naik [VA CAT III, ARP] has over 20 years of field experience in Condition Monitoring and Reliability. He is a pioneer in teaching courses and mentoring students, helping people with the right tools & knowledge, and providing insightful Maintenance and Reliability solutions to achieve operational excellence. He has worked with SPM Instrument India, SKF India Ltd and Mobius Institute, delivered numerous training programs in India and abroad.