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Vibration Analysis Category IV

This course provides an in-depth study of machinery faults and their associated spectrum, time waveform, and phase characteristics.

Dec 18, 2023 - Dec 23, 2023
Hybrid (Hyderabad)
This Expert Vibration Analysis course is intended for those who have a senior role in the condition monitoring team, but who also want to go beyond and truly reach the peak of the vibration world. The key is that with the CAT-IV course, you will transition from being a very good vibration analyst to a vibration super-hero! You will be able to understand the measurements associated with critical turbomachinery and other fluid film bearing machines.
VA CAT IV is a 2-part course. Part 1 is a distance learning online course and Part 2 is an instructor-led classroom or Virtual course. You will receive the manual at the instructor-led course. Both components must be taken in order to sit for the exam. You must also have 60 months of vibration analysis experience and previous CAT III certification.

Once you complete the training, you can confidently take the exam, and become certified to ISO 18436-2 Category IV via the internationally respected Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC]™. The MIBoC certification is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard. You will join thousands of other Mobius™ certified analysts around the world.
Category IV certification requires that you have demonstrated 60 months of experience in vibration analysis, completed the Category IV course, successfully pass the Category IV vibration analyst examination, and are previously certified as a Category III vibration analyst.

Who should attend?
If you are CAT III (or Level III) certified and are ready to take your career and responsibilities to the next step, and you wish to truly master vibration analysis, and achieve the highest level of recognition, then the CAT IV Vibration Analysis course is ideal for you.

Course Type: Paid
Mode of Delivery: Hybrid (Class Room and Online)
Training Days: 6

The key is that on the VCAT-IV course you will transition from being a very good vibration analyst to a vibration super-hero!

  • Advanced signal processing
  • Cross-channel measurements
  • Dynamics (mass/stiffness/damping, natural frequencies, modes)
  • Resonance testing (run-up/coast-down tests, impact tests, ODS, modal analysis)
  • Corrective action (flow control, resonance correction, isolation, and damping)
  • Proximity probe and casing measurements
  • Orbit and centerline plot analysis
  • Rotor dynamics (natural frequencies, modelling)
  • Journal bearings (design, fluid film instabilities)
  • Flexible rotor balancing
  • Torsional vibration

Subba Rao Ganti

Mr. Subba Rao Ganti is a Trainer & Consultant having 35 years of work experience in Vibration Analysis, Troubleshooting, and Training of Industrial Rotating Machinery. He served in reputed organizations like NTPC, L&T, Masibus, GE, and Qatargas. He has trained over 1000 engineers in Machinery Vibration Analysis in India and the Middle East. Mr. SR Ganti is an authorized Instructor of Mobius Institute's Vibration Analysis CAT III and IV courses.